The Stormglass
The original E.S.Sørensen Stormglass
 Design: Stig Larsen 1982
The Stormglass readings:
1. Fernlike crystals are building up Cold and stormy
2. Fernlike crystals are disappearing Warmer
3. Star crystals are falling down Frost and maybe snow
4. Crystals all over Rain
5. Clear liquid Fine and dry

Fernlike crystals will be highest in the windward side.
The Stormglass-housing is forged
in one piece. The weight of the Stormglass is approx. 400g.
Height 145mm.
Please note the following regarding the E.S.Sørensen Stormglass:
The E.S.Sørensen Stormglass is the original Stormglass in a metal (brass) enclosure designed by Stig Larsen. Any other Stormglass in a metal enclosure is a copy of Stig Larsen's design.
Stormglass animation by Johannes Falk from Flensburg in Germany showing the various crystal formations through a period of 146 days from February 11th. to July 6th. 2009.
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